Perfect plants

Plants vs zombies garden warfare

Plants vs Zombies garden warfare is a multiplayer only game that takes the lawn defence and converts it into one big battlefield. Both the plants and the zombies have learnt some new tricks complete with a few new plants and lots of new zombies.

The game can be found on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Microsoft windows with a 3rd person tower defence shooter genre.

The game has no campaign whatsoever but does feature different modes to play starting with garden ops where you team up with four other players and defend a planted garden until Crazy Dave returns in his flying RV. This is the only mode with a difficulty setting with easy, normal, hard and crazy. Your goal is to defend the garden through 10 waves of zombies all wanting to destroy your garden. Once in a while you are given a bonus objective from Crazy Dave to win extra coins which you can earn through the game by doing various things such as reviving an ally, vanquishing a player or by healing other team-mates. On the fifth and tenth wave Dr. Zomboss engages his “Zomboss Slots” where you will face a wave of zombies with either a Gargantuar zombie, a Giga-Gargantuar zombie, a bigger wave of zombies or a yeti zombie or even a Disco Zombie. Or if your lucky, a diamond or a bag of coins.

The Gardens and Graveyards mode has you playing either as the plants or zombies and you are trying to either defend your garden as the plants or capture the garden as zombies.

In team vanquish mode the team that reaches 50 vanquishes first will win the round.

The plants have the ability to plant seeds in empty pots in garden ops and gardens and graveyards to assist you in the battle. The zombies however, can summon zombies from a pile of bones in gardens and graveyards to beat the plants.

You can choose from 46 characters to play from including the main playable plants which are the Peashooter, the Chomper, Sunflower and the Cactus each with their own abilities. The main playable zombies include the 3 new zombies, the Scientist, the Soldier and the Engineer but the returning zombie is the the Football zombie but this time he brought his Football cannon and his name was changed to All-star. All 8 of these characters are available at the start of the game. Each character has 5 other plants and zombies of the same type with different abilities that can be unlocked through sticker packs.

Sticker packs can be purchased with in-game money. To unlock a character you need to collect their 5 stickers from sticker packs.

You are also free to customise your plants and zombies however you like.

The thing that bugged me though was that you need internet connection the whole time and not many people are allowed that, plus you're playing with people you don't know.

The game isn't really aimed at the original game's fans because of the less strategy and it's rating which would be M.

This game is a very good multiplayer game and I did like how the plants and zombies are in a ying and yang form such as the All-star and the Chomper. There are a few things that could have changed like a single player campaign and a few more modes with actual strategy. It should also have been made for the fans of the other games but other than that it isn't too bad.

I think Garden Warfare could have been better if it wasn't too violent for it to be rated M so that most of the original fans could play the game but that internet connection could be so buggy sometimes but other than that I'll give the new 3rd person game an 8, and you know what they say: When gaming pick a game, make sure it's GAMETASTIC and GAME ON! 

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