Marvellous MedievilEdit

Medievil Resurrection

Medievil Resurrection is a comedy game that has you saving the realm from evil. This game sets you in the land of Gallowmere. The gallant Sir Daniel Fortesque is the hero and main protagonist in the game but as you discover he isn't the big hero he was said to be. In fact, he's actually a bit of a coward getting hit by the first wave of arrows and being the first to die.

It starts off with sir Dan's enemy Zarok; who was thought to be defeated, has been stealing the souls of innocent peasants to raise an army of undead to finally conquer the land but what he didn't know was that every game must have a hero. The true warriors from the Hall Of Heroes have given Dan a second chance to deem himself worthy by defeating Zarok, and not just by making up his victory.

The game can be found on PSP and PS VITA.

Medievil Has an action adventure genre and every enemy you face has it's own weaknesses and strengths. For example, the enemy log in Dan's crypt will say that skeletons are easily beaten with a club or war-hammer. Some enemies will need to be compared to real life such as mummies, scarecrows and walking haystacks hate fire, just like in real life. Enemies are only logged into the book if you've already defeated them.

The control scheme is quite easy to get used to and can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Something odd though is that there is no difficulty setting at all.

Most of your weapons have limited ammunition but clubs and shields will break if used too much.

Along your adventure you can choose from a variety of weapons that can either be found across the realm or given to you by the warriors from the Hall Of Heroes. In order to visit the Hall Of Heroes you need to find a golden chalice and fill it with souls from your enemies once they are defeated. Only when you fill the chalice can you visit the Hall Of Heroes. You go to the Hall Of Heroes after you complete the level. There are tons of jokes in this game such as Sir Dan missing his lower jaw making him talk funny, Zarok can't do an evil laugh and there is also the genie inside Dan's skull; Al-Zalam chatting away and commenting all the way through. Even comparing silly things in his culture.

There are also not many bad things either, health and ammo can be frustrating but the game also doesn’t have that many puzzles and most of the puzzles you face are on how to defeat bosses, but overall this game can have a solid 7.5. Remember gamers: when choosing a game, mke sure it's GAMETASTIC and GAME ON!

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